Old Town North InfORMATION

It will take a big, global coterie to move the OTN prairie dogs to the safety of protected public land in Fort Collins, CO. If you’d like to be part of making that happen, please donate through our GoFundMe donation campaign (click here) and/or share the campaign as often as you can. Donating & sharing are almost equally important, and the success of this relocation campaign most definitely depends on both.

To sign up for email updates and learn about potential volunteer opportunities, please write us at info@nocopda.org. We expect to need help in one way or another through early winter 2019. This project is on an incredibly tight timeline so opportunities to help in the field are limited and quickly scheduled.

We will ask you to sign the online waiver if you join us for any volunteer opportunity for this project. You only need to sign it once for the OTN project. If you’d like to sign it now, to fulfill that requirement ahead of time, find it here.

The waiver is specific to the OTN project. Please note that you have to be at least 18 years old to volunteer.